Locally Made Organic Baby Clothes in Kingston

Organic Baby Clothes You’ll Love

Organic Baby Clothes You’ll Love

It may only be October, but the holiday season is right around the corner. While you’re busy making your shopping list, you’re probably thinking about what you can get the little ones in your life. What could be better than some adorable, comfy clothes made from organic materials?

We know that investing in high quality organic children’s clothing can sometimes feel like a losing battle. Afterall, babies and kids grow so quickly. What fits them one month might not fit properly the next.. We hear you, and we have a solution. With the Pure Colour Basics Collection from Pure Colour Baby, you can feel good about purchasing organic baby clothes this holiday season. 

What makes Pure Colour Baby clothes special? 

At Pure Colour Baby, we have a Grow with Me philosophy. As moms ourselves, we know how important it is to make sure you’re getting good value and high quality from the clothing your children wear. You want clothes that will last, not just in terms of quality, but the length your child can wear them. That’s why we designed our clothes to accommodate multiple sizes and grow with your child. Our clothes feature adjustable features that extend the life of the garment, which allows them to last through multiple sizes! 


How do the clothes grow with my baby? 

All Pure Colour Baby clothing is designed to last for up to 3 sizes by incorporating elements that can be rolled, cuffed and extended to fit your child’s current size. Our comfortable tops feature adjustable sleeves and hems, while our pants have adjustable waistbands and cuffs to provide the best fit for your child at each stage of their growth. 

If you’re worried about your children feeling bunched up or fussy with their clothes cuffed, we have you covered there too! Pure Colour Baby clothes are designed with comfortable seams and non-elastic waistbands to help your child move and play freely in the months and years ahead. Whether you are bundling them up for a day outside, or they’re running around at home, your child will feel comfortable and unbothered in their Grow with Me clothing.  

What about style? 

While being eco-conscious is incredibly important to us, our founder, Lindsay, keeps style at top of mind. As an interior designer and colour expert for more than 15 years, her goal was to create a children’s clothing line featuring items that are comfortable, functional, and beautiful. We source organic cotton fabrics in a variety of colours and prints so yours and your baby’s personality can shine through while keeping value, quality and the environment in mind. 

Shop the Pure Colour Basics collection this holiday season to give your kids stylish, comfortable clothing that also helps support the environment with organic materials and long-lasting fits. Our clothes start at infant size 0-6 months and are available up to a children’s size 8. 

Grow with Me Berry Pullover

You can find us and our organic baby clothes locally in Kingston at 837 Norwest Road or visit our website to shop online. 

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